November 4, 2017

As in almost all garments, the variety we have when choosing a jacket or blazer is huge and sometimes, for not considering certain aspects, we end up opting for an alternative that does not optimize our image. This results in a waste of time and money in another garment that we do not use as often as we would like or perhaps still do not release!How to choose Leather Jacket for Men?

With this in mind, I list some aspects to consider when choosing the ideal jacket:


It is better to have a single row of buttons on the garment if the goal is to stylize and lengthen the figure. But not only the number of rows of buttons, but also the location of them. In the case of a woman with enough bust, the ideal is that the buttons start from the waist area, so as not to attract attention or enlarge the bust area, but to achieve the opposite effect while accentuating the waist. The buttons can start above the waist or closer to the bust and this will be optimal for women who want to enlarge the bust area.


The flaps should be in proportion to the frame of who looks jacket or blazer. A jacket with narrow, very thin lapels in a broad shouldered person will only accentuate the width of the shoulders. The same disproportion is generated in a person with narrow shoulders with a jacket whose lapels are extremely wide.soldier 76 Jacket for Men.



As it is a garment that is close to the face, it is suggested that the tone of the jacket is within the personal color palette, in order to contribute to optimize the image by giving the face more luminosity and concealing imperfections. In general, it is recommended to invest in a good jacket or blazer in a neutral tone that will allow more combinations than buying too bright or shrill colors, or same prints.


In general, the length that best fits in most cases is the one that ends at the hip, without covering it completely. Women with wide hips should opt for this length and not fully cover the hips or tail as this will make the hips appear wider. It is also recommended to wear jeans that end in the waist, leaving the hips exposed because of this type of garment, the width of the hips will attract attention.


Keep in mind that the details that may have the garment (pockets, rows of irregular or asymmetric buttons, embroidery, applique, belts, etc.) will always attract attention. That is why it is essential that, in case of choosing clothes with some detail, this is in a part of the body that we want to highlight.

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