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How to choose the right food waste shredder

November 4, 2017

Maybe each of us paid attention to the way that Western housewives often throw the entire waste of food directly into the sink, and then click on some button, go quietly about your business, while the Garbage in the sink goes magically down the to choose best WaterMelon Slicer ?

Many internal hostess immediately begin to mourn in bewilderment, that all this is for the lazy, and soon Americans and Europeans in general, forgetting how to do anything in the kitchen, since they will do all the work of the different instruments.

Meanwhile, this wonderful mechanism called dispouzerom (food waste from the crusher) is a very useful thing in economics, and is even able to make life easier for any modern person.

Because the exchanger is at home disappear smells, which

They are usually the result of the expulsion of food waste in the bin that is stored in the kitchen. All food waste – cleaning fruits and vegetables, chicken and fish bones, and even napkins, cigarette butts and tea bags go directly down the drain, and you do not have to worry about clogged: dispouzer easily deal with all this junk, cut to a state of fine crumb.

Of course, it may seem that the kitchen waste fragmentation – it is a luxury. But in the end you are the right to vote that comfort in the kitchen, you can give it. However, you need to choose the right one so that you have not tried your money to be wasted.

TYPES SHELL shredders

dispouzery mechanics

Mechanical action washing crushers activated using water from the tap tap. Since its inception work ostrozatochennye knives inside dispouzera that convert food waste into porridge. Such devices have obvious advantages, the main one of them – a great performance, tranquility and security.

Contrary to the myths, born of American movies, people will not be able to cut their finger, if they fall in the sink: the cutter blades are far enough from the sink, confirming once again their total safety.

Unlike mechanical, electrical equipment starts with a special switch, and instead of the knives are installed inside the crushing hammers, which convert thin crumb debris, and then rinse the flow of water in the sewer pipe.

Electric dispouzer faces crushed chicken bones, watermelon rinds, plum seeds, and much more. However, contact with large bones of meat, rags and metal objects should be avoided.You can read slicer Reviews too.