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Crocodiles in Ancient Egypt

October 6, 2017

Within the populated Nile wildlife, the crocodile has always been one of the most characteristic and disturbing presences. At a height of six meters, its powerful jaw and scaly shield represented a constant and distressing threat to the ancient Egyptians, accustomed to sailing and fishing in fragile papyrus boats. It is not strange, therefore, that this dreaded animal occupy a prominent place in Pharaonic culture.For the inhabitants of the Nile valley, the crocodile was synonymous with danger. Some signs of hieroglyphic writing show the saurian with one or more knives stuck in his body. In addition, some terms were written with a particle in the shape of a crocodile to express concepts linked to “aggressiveness” and “voracity”.South East Asia is very beautiful.


The stealthy reptile posed a threat to all who approached the banks of the Nile, beginning with the other animals. Thus, in a papyrus of the New Empire registers some spells necessary to protect the horses that crossed the river. As for humans, the danger of crocodiles became a literary topic. In the Satire of the trades , for example, the risk is explained by the laundress washing on the banks of the Nile, having the crocodiles as neighbors, or the fisherman who works in the river mixed with them and whom fear prevents from getting a copious fishery. In the Dialogue of the desperate with his ba , the protagonist declares: “Look, my name is detested, rather than sitting on a sandbank full of crocodiles”. In the Westcar Papyrus , a fantastic crocodile intervenes in a story of jealousy and revenge. In the story, the priest Ubaoner discovers that his wife is unfaithful to him and to know the appointment programmed by the lovers creates a crocodile of wax that, by means of the magic, comes alive and catches the lover of his wife, taking it to the bottom of the river. After several adventures, the animal eats the unfortunate, while the adulteress dies burned.You can read about history in .

God Sobek, with crocodile head

In a tale of the New Empire called The Predestined Prince , the goddesses of fate predict to the king that his unborn child will die because of a crocodile, a dog or a snake. The king then judges it necessary to hide the child in a house in the desert; the crocodile discovers it, although it does not seem to kill it (the end of the story is lost). Another narrative of the same period relates the confrontation between two brothers, Inpu and Bata, because of the lies machined by the woman of the first in revenge for having felt rejected by his brother-in-law; the fight stops when intervening a divinity that interposes between them a lake full of crocodiles that no one dares to cross.But the crocodile was not just a terrifying beast. It also aroused special reverence, which made various deities take their form. Thus, the hawk god Horus was transformed into a crocodile to remove from the depths of the river his father Osiris, murdered by his evil brother Set. He was also identified with the solar god Re at the time of his resurrection emerging from the Nun, the primordial waters.

Biography of George Nathaniel Curzon | English Politician

August 28, 2017

Coming from an aristocratic family, he received a privileged education in Eton and Oxford; an accident in 1878 caused him a condition in the spine that made him wear a stiff corset the rest of his life. He entered politics with the Conservatives, acting as a Member of Parliament from 1885. From 1898 to 1905 he was a Viceroy of India, failing in the attempt to subject Tibet to British rule to secure borders; Resigned for his clash with British military chief in India, Horatio Kitchener .

George Nathaniel Curzon

He then entered the coalition government chaired by HH Asquith as Lord of the Private Seal (1915). He was a defender of imperialism, betting on increasing the British presence in the Muslim world instead of supporting the Jewish pretensions on Palestine (one of the reasons for his confrontation with Balfour). It was also a furious adversary of the emancipation of the woman, forming part of the League against the feminine suffrage (that was defeated in 1917).

In foreign policy he was a “hard man,” who claimed at the end of World War I that Germany be paid all the costs of the war and that Emperor William II (1918) be put on trial. The Liberal-Conservative coalition led him to become Foreign Minister (1919-24) in the government of David Lloyd George, who was soon bitterly criticized.

George Curzon played an important role in negotiating the peace treaties that ended the First World War and attempted to resolve the acute international problems of the following years (notably the Lausanne Peace of 1923, which ended the War Greco-Turkish); Was given the name Curzon line to the border that proposed in 1919 between Poland and the Soviet Union, drastically corrected by the Russian-Polish War of 1920. If you want to know the biography of famous people, then visit biography desk. Biography desk is all about the biographies of famous people.