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November 4, 2017

As in almost all garments, the variety we have when choosing a jacket or blazer is huge and sometimes, for not considering certain aspects, we end up opting for an alternative that does not optimize our image. This results in a waste of time and money in another garment that we do not use as often as we would like or perhaps still do not release!How to choose Leather Jacket for Men?

With this in mind, I list some aspects to consider when choosing the ideal jacket:


It is better to have a single row of buttons on the garment if the goal is to stylize and lengthen the figure. But not only the number of rows of buttons, but also the location of them. In the case of a woman with enough bust, the ideal is that the buttons start from the waist area, so as not to attract attention or enlarge the bust area, but to achieve the opposite effect while accentuating the waist. The buttons can start above the waist or closer to the bust and this will be optimal for women who want to enlarge the bust area.


The flaps should be in proportion to the frame of who looks jacket or blazer. A jacket with narrow, very thin lapels in a broad shouldered person will only accentuate the width of the shoulders. The same disproportion is generated in a person with narrow shoulders with a jacket whose lapels are extremely wide.soldier 76 Jacket for Men.



As it is a garment that is close to the face, it is suggested that the tone of the jacket is within the personal color palette, in order to contribute to optimize the image by giving the face more luminosity and concealing imperfections. In general, it is recommended to invest in a good jacket or blazer in a neutral tone that will allow more combinations than buying too bright or shrill colors, or same prints.


In general, the length that best fits in most cases is the one that ends at the hip, without covering it completely. Women with wide hips should opt for this length and not fully cover the hips or tail as this will make the hips appear wider. It is also recommended to wear jeans that end in the waist, leaving the hips exposed because of this type of garment, the width of the hips will attract attention.


Keep in mind that the details that may have the garment (pockets, rows of irregular or asymmetric buttons, embroidery, applique, belts, etc.) will always attract attention. That is why it is essential that, in case of choosing clothes with some detail, this is in a part of the body that we want to highlight.

kit tattoo

Tattoo Facts

October 28, 2017

Here are some tattoo facts:

1: An Ohio eatery work in cheeseburgers offers a lifetime 25% rebate for any individual who has a tattoo of a cheeseburger and at a disconnected tattoo studio in a close-by town, they’re putting forth a 25% markdown on cheeseburger tattoos-Sounds suspicious.

2: Tattoos are once in a while done in ink, what is normally called inks, are really suspended strong shading particles, generally metal salts and plastics, however not vegetable colors as usually accepted.

3: There are no detailed instances of HIV contamination from a tattoo in the U.S., however there are three from dental specialist’s workplaces.

4: More ladies than men are getting inked today.

5: Tattoos are viewed as a minor therapeutic system.

6. Until the point that 2006 it was illicit to get a tattoo in Oklahoma

7: Lucky Diamond Rich of New Zealand is the most inked individual on the planet, and subsequent to coming up short on space, has begun putting lighter tattoos over the darker ones, and the other way around.

8: Robbie “the coon” Koch as of late broke the world’s record by inking 577 tattoos in 24 hrs. The old record was held by Kat Von D of the TV program, “LA Ink.” Update-Hollis Cantrell really claims the record starting at 2009 (801 tattoos) yet Robbie the coon sounded better. Hollis’ last tattoo was on his thigh.

9: The principal recorded tattoo is accepted to have been found on an embalmed iceman in 3300 BC. He had 58 tattoos, for the most part spots and lines.

10: In 1876 Thomas Edison imagined a machine that at last turned into the tattoo machine, however it took adjustments by Samuel O’Reilly in 1891 to adjust the gadget for inking.

11: The record for the longest kit tattoo session is 43 hours and 50 minutes and was finished by the exceptionally attentive and skilled craftsman Melanie Grieveson, of Australia. The inked was Stephen Grady.

kit tattoo

12: In 2005 Kimberly Smith was paid $10,000 to have Golden Palace.Com inked on her brow by the club, to help pay for her little girl’s instruction. The gambling club is noted for its extraordinary advancements.

13: Thomas Edison had five dabs inked to his left side lower arm, like the spots on dice.

14: Lip tattoos just last 1 to 5 years and should be as often as possible corrected, the most widely recognized a restorative lip liner.

15: The second most normal explanation behind tattoo evacuation is mistranslation.

16: In 2010 Channel will disclose its new line of elegant transitory tattoos. The arrangement of 55 tattoos offers for $75.

17: Most Tattoo machines hold in the vicinity of 1 and 10 needles and some old strategies utilizing rakes hold up to 27.

18: Anil Gupta is viewed as NYC’s most costly tattoo craftsman at over $350 every hour.

19: In the lion’s share of cases, the diagram of a tattoo shouldn’t seep by any stretch of the imagination, and the shading for just a couple of minutes.

20: As of 2006, 1 out of 4 ladies matured 18 to 50 have no less than one tattoo.

21: U.S. President James Polk is said to be the principal white man to have a Chinese character as a tattoo.

22: A whorehouse in Cologne, Germany is putting forth any benefactor who gets a tattoo of the organizations logo, by their in house craftsman, free passageway forever ($6.25 US) and rebates on lap moves ($25.00 US. ea)

25: “tattoo” has been in the best ten sought terms since Lycos began following web search tools.

26: Democrats will probably have a tattoo then republicans, 18% to 14%.

27: January 23, 2010. Another US Marine Corp order forbids anybody with a full sleeve tattoo from turning into an officer. It likewise denies tattoos on the hands, wrists, fingers, and within the mouth.

28: July seventeenth, 2009. 18 year old Kimberly Vlaminck sues a Romanian kit tatuaggi craftsman over the 56 stars that she stirred to, scattered over her face, 53 more than see requested. She later conceded that she lied in the claim and had requested each of the fifty six.

kit tattoo

29: Blues artist Janis Joplin had a wristlet tattoo and a little heart to her left side bosom.

30: In Oregon, it is a lawful offense to work on inking without a permit or in an unlicensed shop.

31: Heiress and socialite Paris Hilton had one tattoo surprisingly, the name of then beau Nick Carter on her correct butt cheek. It has since been expelled by laser.

32: The customary Samoan tattoo, pe’a, covering the body from mid middle to the knees, takes 3 months to finish and up to 1 year to completely recuperate. A commonplace session keeps going from first light till sunset, or until the point that the agony turns out to be excessively incredible, and resumes the following day unless the skin needs a couple of days to mend.

33: In a 2002 review, 8 of the main 10 voted, “most lovely individuals on the planet” had tattoos.

34: Tattoos done today don’t turn blue when they age, unless they were initially blue, the inks are substantially more steady.

35: The primary event of the word tattoo in the Oxford English Dictionary came in 1769 and is credited to Captain John Cook.

36: A chicken inked on one leg and a pig on the other is said to shield a mariner from suffocating. Neither one of the animals can swim.

37: Queen Kamamalu of Hawaii (1808-1824) was the main lady to have her tongue inked.

38: Most tattoo specialists won’t tattoo a pregnant lady.

39: Some tattoo specialists assert that in the event that you shield another tattoo from daylight for the initial two years it will stay brighter and clearer for a considerable length of time.

40: Over 40 million individuals in the U.S. have tattoos.

If you want to know more info about tattoo then click here


The best dressed man in Italy

October 6, 2017

Just look at the street style photos of Milan’s Men’s Fashion Week to warn you: the best dressed man in Italy and, by extension, the world, is her. Ana Gimeno Brugada . A genius when it comes to using the masculine wardrobe that overturns the stereotype that considers them boring, monotonous and lacking in possibilities. If ever someone thought that styling is a minor art, analyze the ‘looks’ of this veteran of the ‘style’. In the field of self-expression, it does magic.The soldier 76 jacket is very beautiful jacket.

She stars in the commentary of the fashion bloggers this week: she has taken the “street style” of Milan’s Men’s Fashion Week off the street . The best dressed man in Italy is this Spanish , fashion consultant and stylist based in Milan for 15 years, has worked for brands such as Dries Van Noten or Brunello Cucinelli. “Already in high school all my classmates asked me to go shopping with them, ” revealed this stylish woman as the most.

Although she has now jumped to all the websites of ‘insiders’, Ana has avoided like hell the circuit of online fashion marketing , with its famous ‘blogueresas’ and their reference sites. “When you look at fashion blogs, you immediately realize that there is nothing behind the ‘look’. There is no culture that supports them, “Ana explained to the blog ‘The Double J.’. “During the parades, the bloggers try to photograph everything that looks new , without really knowing where the ideas come from or if they really exist. It’s something that scares me, and I do not want to be part of that world. “soldier 76 hoodie

Protect your skin from the sun, do not forget it

October 6, 2017

With the arrival of the summer season, we must pay attention and protect our skin from constant sun exposure, because given the state of our ozone layer, and the strength of the sun’s rays; we can have problems in our skin, derived from the continuous exposure to the sun.For this, in this post we offer the best tips to take care of your skin and protect it so that the rays of sun do not affect your skin and only bring benefits such as the contribution of vitamin D that recharges energy and that golden brown that so feel good.Magnesium Deficiency is now very common disease.

Prepare your skin for summer

Applying a sunscreen is essential for our skin to be healthy, but it is not the only thing we should do because our skin can suffer from other factors that become worse in summer. The arrival of the high temperatures happens in our skin, leaving visible signs of dehydration. Therefore, one of the most important things is to moisturize the skin and to do so, before the summer, you have to prepare it.Below we explain a routine that will work to prepare the skin before the summer and that we should combine with the application of sunscreen and other repair creams after sun exposure.

The trick is to fully exfoliate the skin, before moisturizing it, to remove all impurities and dead skin that we may have in our dermis, and after having done so, then moisturize the skin , so that it correctly absorbs all moisturizing agents through the pores. If you want to know how to moisturize your skin to keep it healthy. Here we leave you a link on natural remedies for healthy skin , a post that you can not miss.You can read very informative articles in My Pk World.

The Importance of Sun Protection

The sunscreens are very important in preparing the skin before sun exposure, but we must consider different issues when correctly choosing one kind or another; because there are different types of protective factors.Chemical / organic protection factors : Chemicals take between 20 minutes and half an hour to work because they work by penetrating the skin, and protecting it against UVA rays. We must apply them at least half an hour before exposure and even if they are resistant to water we must apply again every two hours, because they are losing their effect.

Physical / Mineral Protection Factors : These act from the first moment they are put since what they do is reflect the radiation on the cream. They have the disadvantage that, since they do not contain chemicals, they are a dense paste, difficult to spread on the skin, and they are not resistant to water, so you must take the necessary precautions when repeating the application after each bath .It is important to protect us during the first few days of exposure with high factors (30, 50) and after and according to the time we are exposed, if it is not during the heaviest hours, factors 2 or 30 will suffice.


Hair Transplantation Session in Islamabad

May 3, 2017

Hair transplantation is a procedure in which hair is moved from a donor area (mainly from the rear and / or other parts of the scalp areas where generally hair is permanent) to areas where hair is thinning or bald areas (the receivers) . Once transplanted hairs will continue to grow throughout the life of the patient. There are two methods of hair transplant: FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) . The two methods differ in the way the hair is harvested (removed) from the donor area. Because outcomes stunning technique FUE hair transplant today method FUT is not preferred.

The technology FUT , hair is removed in a single thin strip and then dissected into individual follicular units. The technique involves removing a strip thus containing a large group of follicular units from the donor area, which can cause scarring in the donatoaresa.

FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is a technique that gives the best CONSEQUENTIAL hair transplantation. hair transplant In Islamabad procedures carried out by the method FUE provides patients the best natural appearance of the hairline and the best overall aesthetic result.

The method FUE, live follicles are taken from areas with hair and transferred to the hairless . Basically, harvested a large number of small grafts, each containing from 1 to 4 follicles that then, in the same surgery, will be transferred to the hair-free areas one by one. Best results of hair surgery is possible in Pakistan best Hair Transplant centers.

FUE technology is safe, advanced, scars and definitive result.

Advantages of the technique FUE are:

  • No linear scar in the donor area
  • Avoid stitch knife
  • Fast healing
  • Minimal post-operative pain

Method FUE can be applied to cover scars in patients who have suffered in the past, surgery or hair transplant method FUT Also, it can also be used for burn marks, beard, mustache and / or eyebrows.  Method FUE reap hair ear not only the scalp, but also all hairy areas of the body.

Hair transplantation

For best results, before surgery, hair from the donor area is clipped to a length of 12 mm or shave.

All best hair transplant In Pakistan procedures are performed under local anesthesia. Hair transplant sessions employing thousands follicular unit grafts can take a whole day or even two days in a row. During the procedure, patients can choose to listen to music, watch a movie, read or talk with the doctor and staff.

During FUE intervention, the medical team works as follows:

  • Health professionals grafts harvested by a micromotor which allows posting scalp grafts easier and faster
  • Other health professionals, clean grafts harvested and placed them on glass slides
  • A person will make incisions in the scalp according to the schedule agreed upon
  • One or more people simultaneously implanted grafts harvested

Watches that you’d love to flaunt

February 2, 2017

Watches are an indispensable part of our lives. They speak volumes about our personality. Quite often people tend to judge others on the basis of a watch they wear. Watches reflect our taste and sense of style, thus buying a nice and smart watch is quite necessary. There are several designs and patterns available when it comes to buying women and men watches, and even kids watches for that matter. Buying a watch is entirely a personal choice, but there are certain masterpieces which everybody would love to flaunt. We will try and educate you about the same. So, just scroll down further to know the insights.

  1. Hublot

Ferrari King Gold

This amazing masterpiece was showcased at the Baseworld 2014; Hublot had a partnership with Ferrari in terms of brand image and commercial activities of both the brands. The watch redefines chunkiness in a stunning gold case material and is also water resistant up to 100 meters. Its price is about INR 2912700.

  1.  Backes and Strauss

 Berkeley Rose Gold Monarch 40

This amazing timepiece is unisex and is a masterpiece of a British company known for its jewelry, diamonds and watches for women. The watch is embedded with beautiful diamonds which will totally leave you spellbound.

  1.   Jaeger –LeCouture

  Master Ultra Thin Tourbillon

The brand is well-known for manufacturing ultra-thin watches time and again. It comes in a beautiful pink gold case with taut lines the thickness of the case is merely 11.3 mm. This amazing masterpiece will cost you around INR 4330000.

  1.    Breitling

   Navitimer 01

This stunning timepiece comprises of a complicated black face, three sub-dials and variety of scales that has made it a favorite one among pilots and navigators. This red gold chronograph watch comes with 18K red gold Navitimer bracelet to enhance its appeal. It will cost you about INR 3401530.

  1.    Ulysse Nardin

   Freak Cruiser

This stunning timepiece is a combination of grace and style. The watch has a diameter of 45 mm and at the centre of the Freak Cruiser, the lower bridge indicates hours, while the upper bridge shows minutes. This amazing masterpiece will cost you INR 5760000.

  1.     Rolex

    Rolex Daytona

This amazing timepiece comes from one of the most powerful global brands. This stunning 40 mm eve rose gold, self winding cosmography was designed to meet the demands of racing drivers. It is water resistant up to 100 meters, and will cost you about INR 2371500.

If you too are a watch lover, and drool over such amazing masterpieces but do not have the budget to buy them, don’t worry, as there are many budget friendly brands of watches available in the market. You could easily find some stunning watches online, on various online shopping stores, the range available with them will surely spoil you for choice. You could easily rely on them when it comes to quality and price, as these stores stock only genuine and authentic products on their sites. Some of the famous online shopping stores are Tata CLiQ, Myntra, Jabong, Amazon etc to name just a few.

Att välja din bröllopsfotograf

August 27, 2016

Ditt bröllop album är det enda som hjälper dig att komma ihåg din stora dag i framtiden år! Så att välja din bröllopsfotograf är både ett spännande och viktigt steg med att ordna din stora dag så som en erfarenbröllop fotograf heres mitt råd så att du får fantastiska bilder!


Börja med vänner som har nyligen gift sig och be om en rekommendation, eller ta en titt på Google och titta på de fotograferwebbplatserna. Med så många webbplatser att välja mellan, var ska dubörja? Visste du att du kan berätta en hel del från en webbplats? Gillardu hur det ser ut och dess navigering? Ser folk glad och avslappnad framför kameran? De flesta webbplatser kommer har ett hårt redigerade urval av favorit bästa bilder, så ska du be att få se så mycket som möjligt i person eller slutföra online bröllop för att se hur väl komplett bröllopsdagen har fångats. Med lite information och Internetforskning, kan du snabbt få en förteckning över fotografer att möta och diskuteradina planer.


Det är viktigt att överväga genrer av fotograf kommer du. Som med det mesta, det finns fotografer som passar alla smaker och plånböcker.Det nuvarande modet är för dokumentär eller photojournalistic fotografi, och detta innebär flera hundra känsloladdad och naturliga bilder som tas. Om det behövs kan några avslappnad och rolig grupp bilder göras med lite poserar och koreografera på din dag. Om du överväger detta,välj sedan en dokumentär fotograf som är skickliga på att hantera människor, och är snabb, effektiv och har rapport med gäster. Den mer traditionella till fotografering är användbart om du vill ha en fotograf tillförfaranden för kontroll. Poserar och ser att kameran är mer till ordningen för dagen här. Den formellt tillvägagångssätt innebär att fotografen är närvarande för en betydligt kortare duration av dagen, och därförpriserna kommer sannolikt att vara mindre än dokumentär synsätt men naturligtvis det är mer fulländade och därför dyrare fotografer i bådakategorierna. Eftersom en photojournalistic fotograf är sannolikt att vara med dig från bridal preparat genom att kvällen Dans, se till att väljanågon vars företag njuta du!


Vad sägs om kemi? Det finns många bröllop album som kan vara perfekt tekniskt men verkar sakna; bilderna kanske ser alltför formell eller ler trött lite. Att få bilder full av äkta känslor och roliga du behöver ha en stor rapport med din fotograf och gillar att arbeta med dem. Efter alla, för att få rätt bilder för dig, skall din fotograf vara med dig på alla de viktigaste ögonblicken under dagen. En idé att bygga en rapport med din fotograf, få självförtroende och upptäck hur enkelt det är att bli fotograferade väl är att organisera en pre-bröllop skjuta.


Pre-bröllop shoot – detta är informella skjuta av om en timme eller såpå plats, några månader innan din stora dag. Det finns ingen press – du kan roa oss och också prata mer om din bröllopsdag. Fotografer gillar detta tillvägagångssätt som de får se hur par arbeta tillsammans, attdärmed få en insiktsfull kant för att fotografera dem på den stora dagen själv.


Film kontra digital – en fråga ofta frågade är kommer fotograf att skjuta digitalt? Dessa dagar, svaret är ofta Ja som de sedan kan göra någonnaturlig skönhet re-röra, justera tonala intervall för konstnärlig effekt, leverera högupplösta filer på skivan etc. Det gör också att det är enkeltatt publicera bilder på en webbplats så att dina gäster kan se ditt bröllopsbilder från hem och även beställa och betala för utskrifter online. Digital innebär också som kan skjuta så många bilder som de vill på dagen utan hänsyn till kostnaderna för film och bearbetning. Naturligtvis,filmen är fortfarande ett fantastiskt medium och om du gillar den bilddu tittar på, det spelar roll ingen om det var skjuten på film eller digitalt.


Läge, läge, läge – dess alltid värt att prata med din fotograf om hur duplanerar ditt Bröllopsfotografering att göra det mesta av din plats. Vissa arenor kommer att vara fantastisk på en fin sommar eller vårdag, medan andra kommer till sin rätt på en lynnig vinterdag med stockeldar och intim atmosfär. Betrakta också, ska det regna, vilka möjligheter finns det för bilder om alla stannar inne?


Vädret! Det är din perfekta dag och det regnar! Tja, om du är glad ochkan skratta dig igenom ogynnsamma väderförhållanden, dina gäster kommer att plocka upp på din vibe och följa efter. Massor av prisbelönta bilder har skapats i vissa av de förtjusande och oförutsägbara situationer som kan uppstå när naturen har sin väg. Stora fönster för rikligtmed naturligt ljus, valv och vackra interiörer “alla har fantastiska och kreativa situationer för fotografier om det regnar.


Fler och fler par ber för sina bilder på CD, men tycker om den fantastiska berättelsen att ett bröllop album kan ge. En stor helsida bild följt avett urval av små bilder För mer information vänligen besök Bröllopsfotograf Göteborg.