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Interesting facts about Earth

December 12, 2017

The earth. Our only home, our only hope, the only planet known to date in which humanity could survive. Is not it important that you know how much you can learn about it then? Well, let’s test your knowledge and see if you knew these 15 interesting facts about Earth.

If the Earth had a tunnel from one end to the other

If the Earth had a tunnel in its interior that went from one end of the surface to the other and if you threw yourself inside, falling into the void and trying to exit from the other side, it would take about 42 minutes. Can you imagine?

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How much is spent in space?

Exactly not known. What is known is that only on the International Space Station, the most expensive object built on Earth, had a total cost of more than 150 billion dollars.

Humans outside the Earth

If a human left the Earth and was released to the outside of outer space without any protection, he would not survive more than 2 minutes.

The size of the Earth

With a mass of 5,972E24 kg and a radius of 6,371 km, we can say that although it is far from being one of the large planets of the Solar System, it is not as small as Mars, for example. Now, in comparison with the giant star that gives name to this planetary system, in the Sun would enter about 1300 million Earths. As size of earth is explained above due to its big size it’s divided into different sub-continents and further divided countries. As  already talking about interesting facts about earth can also see our interesting facts about countries on

The water bears outside the Earth

Unlike our species, many others live on Earth that are considerably more resistant. The tardigrades, for example, survive more than 10 minutes in absolute vacuum. This is undoubtedly the most amazing animal of which we have knowledge, commonly it is called a water bear and you have millions only in your garden.

Light on Earth

The light on Earth obviously comes from the Sun. On average, light takes 8 minutes and 20 seconds to travel here. This means that if at this precise moment a body larger than the Sun were placed in that path that the solar rays make until they reach the Earth and cover the light, we would not notice until almost 8 and a half minutes later.

How many objects made on Earth are there in space?

It is estimated that more than 38,000. That is the amount of things that are there, in space, made here on Earth. The account is taken from the launch of Sputnik in 1957. In addition, it is also known that of that amount, 22,000 orbit the Earth.

The water of the Earth

The abundant water content on Earth is one of the factors that make our planet so amazing in this planetary system. It is known that 97% of the world’s water is salt water and the remaining 3% is sweet. There is also the issue of water that is frozen, of course: only Antarctica has the same amount of water as the entire Atlantic Ocean, but in a solid state.

Volcanic activity on Earth

Volcanoes are one of the most surprising and also dangerous geological phenomena for life on Earth. Fortunately, 90% of the volcanic activity of the Earth develops under the oceans.

There is a small Sun in the center of the Earth

We know that the core of the Earth is really hot, but you know how much? Well, it is estimated that the temperature of the Earth‘s core is about 9900 degrees F, that is about 5500 ° C, exactly the same

How much do we know about the other animals with which we share the Earth?

Actually we know very, very little about the other animals on Earth. It is estimated that to date only 14% of the species that must exist have been identified. One of the things we do know is that in the next 300 years, 75% will be extinct and unfortunately, we are the animals that have the greatest responsibility.

Too many earthlings .

Well known is the huge problem we have in terms of the human population on Earth. On average, 200,000 children are born every 24 hours and 172,800 people die, which implies a constant growth in the terrestrial population. Oh yes: this also means that 2 people die every second.

Uninhabited land

A good fraction of the Earth is totally uninhabited. Experts point out that practically 1/3 of the planet is made up of deserts.

How many grains of sand are there on Earth

Obviously, it is an estimate. It is likely that there are about 7500. grains of sand on Earth.

The Earth and the uniqueness of the water states

Earth is the only planet in the Solar System that has water in all three states of matter: solid, liquid and gas.

What is the difference between English and American?

August 28, 2017

If you intend to travel a little and meet English or Americans, you will probably learn that the language they speak is not the same. But what are the main differences or what is the main difference between English and American.

Differences in Pronunciation:
The letter “r” is not pronounced the same way it comes from the mouth of a Londoner or a New Yorker. The American “r” is more pronounced than English. Another letter that differentiates the two languages: the “l”. In the pronunciation of British English, there are two ways of pronouncing it: the light l and the dark l, whereas American English is only concerned with one pronunciation: the dark l. The “t” and the “u” also have a different pronunciation.

English and American

Spelling Difference:
Yes, if you find yourself in America and you see mold, you can exclaim: “Oh! What a dirty mold “, whereas in England it is” mold “!
On the other hand, the British “our” suffix is replaced by “gold” (without u) in American English. If you are shopping in the States: “You can buy a shirt with a nice color” but in England your tee shirt “will have a lovely color”!

Difference in vocabulary:
There are also objects or concepts that do not say the same way if they are on American soil or an English brain.
For example: at Las Vegas airport you will get off an “airplane”, while in Heathrow it will be an “airplane”. At the restaurant in Piccadilly Circus, if you want eggplant, order eggplant, while in Boston you will have to ask for eggplants. For your addition, do not deceive yourself; you will pay your “aubergines” with a “banknote or note” while for your “eggplants” will be counted “in the bill”. And if you travel in autumn, in Oxford it will be the “autumn” while in Dallas you will be in a “fall day”.

Business Studies


July 18, 2017

When a company is created, one of the first departments to be conformed is the one of Human Resources Management, since it is the one that will allow us to realize in the first instance the selection of the personnel and later the administration of the same one.
When talking about the Business Studies and administration of the personnel, we are referring to the activities or administrative processes that this instance performs to have a control of everything concerning the workers. This department must have a manager who must perform the following functions:
Planning: involves setting goals and standards; Develop rules and procedures; Develop plans and projections, that is, predict or forecast some future events.
· Organization: is to assign each subordinate a specific task; Establishing departments; Delegate authority to subordinates; Establish channels of authority and communication; Coordinate the work of subordinates.
Formation of a work team: decide what type of people to hire; Recruit potential employees; Select employees; Establish standards for performance; Compensate workers to evaluate performance; Advise employees; Train and develop workers.
Direction: getting others to do the work; Keep morale high, motivate subordinates.
Control: set standards such as sales quotas, quality standards or production levels and take corrective actions when required.
These activities will result in a better control of the members of the organization, and will allow monitoring of the following activities:

Determine the nature of each employee’s job.

Recruitment of candidates.

Selection of candidates.

Induction and training of new employees.

The administration of salaries and wages.

Offer incentives and benefits.

Performance evaluation.

To be successful in Human Resources management, Professional Life proposes you to follow their functions step by step in order to have a good performance in the activities that must be carried out.